The Casey and Bella series is excited to launch the following Free Resources for Schools!

  • Free Anti-Bully Curriculum for Pre-K-5th grade aligned with Common Core Standards.
  • Free Casey and Bella Anti-Bully DVD for Elementary and Middle School aged children. Click to watch
  • Free E-Book version of Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully.  
  • Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully is winner of the 2011 Casey and Bella Writing Contest, by 4th grader Anna Stover of New Hampshire.

Many States are passing legislation which requires each public school to identify an Anti-Bullying Task Force or Coordinator to handle all incidents of Bullying.

The Casey and Bella Anti-Bully Curriculum offers practical teacher-friendly activities aligned with the Common Core Standards & provides lessons and resources to help build self esteem, establish & maintain classroom & school community & utilize practical strategies for dealing with bullying both within & outside of school.


Please click VIDEO to watch a short clip about the free author visits and literacy programs I offer schools, and the annual Casey and Bella Writing Contest for 3-5th grades, where each year a child becomes a published author!  

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Casey and Bella Believe in You, and You Should too!

Take the Casey and Bella Pledge to Stop Bullying and Be Nice to One Another!


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Where Should Casey and Bella Go Next? 

Casey and Bella know how creative and talented you are! Third, fourth, and fifth graders now have the chance to have their story published as the next book in the Casey and Bella book series!

Grand Prize Winner: $500.00 Cash Prize & Published Author

No fee to enter. No Purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Deadline April 15, 2013 Finalists will be notified by May 1, 2013  

For more information and Official Rules go to  

All e-mail entries should be submitted in word with the attached completed entry form to: 

Or Mail submissions and entry form to:  

Casey and Bella P.O. Box 524 Edgewater, NJ 07020 

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Casey and Bella Story Activities  

Where should Casey and Bella go next? Casey and Bella want to know where you think they should go on their next adventure.

Fill in the destination for Casey and Bella’s next adventure, and then color the activity sheet. When the author arrives, she will ask the students for their ideas of where Casey and Bella should go next?

       1.   How Do Casey and Bella travel to New York City, Hollywood, Hawaii?

2.   How do Casey and Bella learn to Go Green? Who   teaches them how to recycle?   

3.  What are some of the positive lessons Casey teaches the animals in each story?   

5.  In Hollywood… Casey and Bella meet an animal who changes his colors. Which animal changes his colors, and what does the animal learn from Casey?

Lesson 2: Making Inferences Grades K-3
The use of supportive details and illustrations to make inferences

Making an inference is also known as reading between the lines. When you use clues from a story to make an assumption or educated guess, you are making an inference. A reader can make inferences based on the story or from the pictures in the story.

What inferences can you draw from the final pages of the stories: Casey and Bella Go to New York City, Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood, Casey and Bella Go Green, Casey and Bella Go to Hawaii, Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully?

How do Jane and Jeff know that Casey and Bella went on an adventure? What are the clues Casey and Bella leave at the end of each story?