Hi Jane,
My daughter (Rosabella) and I just finished reading Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully. We both loved it! She was already thinking of all the places they could go in other stories and was very upset that she will have to wait a few years (she's only in Kindergarten) to enter the writing contest. I am contacting you first and foremost to tell you that what you are doing for children is so amazing for so many reasons!! I say that as a mother, teacher and now a librarian. After reading the book, I watched a video of you discussing your visits, contest and what inspired you to start all this and I can not give you enough praise! It is so important for our children to meet different people and have opportunities and support to reach their dreams.
I would love to bring your books, curriculum resources, the writing contest and hopeful you to my school next year! Thank you for bringing so many wonderful things to our kids!
Hope you hear from you soon, Nicole & Rosabella 

Jane Lovascio presented an engaging program with a read-aloud, pictures, videos, and much interactive discussion with the students. The students left the assembly with a positive view of what it means to be an author. Since the program, students have been excitedly stopping me in the halls to ask for information about the writing contest and share their ideas for the next Casey and Bella adventure. I would recommend Jane’s presentation to any school desiring to increase motivation and interest in writing.  -Camille- Literacy Coach Woodbury Schools


Amy –
 We had a visit by a fabulous author today and I want to recommend her to all elementary school folks.  She writes the Casey & Bella series which my Kindergarten and Grade 1 kids have really enjoyed and the books strongly promote self esteem.  She has a new anti-bullying book which can be downloaded for free.  There is a lot of great material on her web site
www.CaseyandBella.com. She is lively presenter.  She does not charge (comes for free!) and donates a number of sets of books to the school, and is incredibly dedicated and accommodating.  If anybody has any questions I would be happy to talk to them.  She can be reached at Caseyandbella@gmail.com  

I am sending you this e-mail because I think that Jane has a great story to tell… She is a wonderful author and a great storyteller.   I met Jane Lovascio last year when she visited School 4.  I would like you to consider having her come to School 14 to make a presentation to our aspiring authors, young writers and poets.   I have 4 of her books on my shelf as well as two stuffed animals (her main characters) which are modeled after her own pets, Casey and Bella.  Feel free to borrow a book or play with the puppies… Her most recent work involves anti-bullying.  Listed below are some free materials available for you to download.  Check it out, let me know what you think. David M. Principal of School ~ Clifton, NJ


I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our school today to talk to our 4th grade students. They really enjoyed learning about Casey and Bella and they are totally psyched to write their ideas for your contest.

   Our teachers were all very impressed and wanted me to tell you again how much they appreciated your presentation. One of them told me after school that one of her students said "Jane told us that we should write about things we are passionate about, and that's what you (the teacher) always tell us.                                                                                                 

          And she (you) also told us it is good to teach a lesson in the story, just like you(the teacher) tell us."  In other words, everything you talked about was something our teachers have been emphasizing with the students, and it couldn't have been more perfect. You were great.

                                                                                    -Librarian, NJ

Dear Jane,

I am a special education teacher. The children enjoyed your stories, the photos and videos of Casey and Bella, they were particularly excited about the writing contest! Five of my students were so excited, they began writing right away.

This is a self-contained special education class, and the five students are in the second, third, and fourth grade. The students began the school year as non-readers and could barely write a sentence. Not only were they determined to enter the contest, they wrote their stories and learned to type in a few days!





Dear Mrs. Lovascio,

Thank you for coming to our school . It was very interesting how you wrote a books about real characters. The fifth and sixth grade really learned a lot about how to be great authors. We all hope your next books and other books to come are a all a great success. You've shown everyone just how fun writing can be.

                                                                   -5th Grader



Casey and Bella are the cutest. I love Bella more because she has a bow. I sleep with my Bella doll every night. I want to meet Casey and Bella.

                                                                                                     -1st grader Ridgefield, NJ


Dear Mrs. Lovascio,

We enjoyed the way you have wrote about your dogs. We all find it very nice that you are also donating to different types of charities.  Thank you for telling us about your job as a children's book author.                             

                                                               -Sixth grader Edgewater, NJ

Dear Jane,

 I am, finally getting to send you a warm THANK YOU! for your lovely book and plush Casey and Bella!  Our daughter loves the book and dogs.  It's so much fun for us to read the book, as she plays the parts of the dogs with her "dogs".  She also loves that it was "autographed" by Casey & Bella (she actually put the paws of her plush animals on their paw-print, pretending they were "autographing" her book).

                                                                                                                         -Mother in Georgia                               



On behalf of my students and myself I want to thank-you for the wonderful and insightful presentation. I know all my students will take your helpful pointers to help develop their stories for your contest.I appreciate all you did and for coming out on such a rainy and cold day. You should be commended for doing so much and asking for so little in return. Again thank-you and I will send you my students stories as they complete them. Thanks Joanne MS NJ

Hi Jane,

I am the gal who wanted to know how you made your books. I love your books.

My daughter really enjoyed your presentation at her school.  She wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you.  It is written above.  Thank you for your work. 

  -Mother and daughter from New Jersey


My heartfelt thanks to you as well. The students and staff here were equally impressed. I heard so many positive comments all day from the teachers and students alike. It was so great having you and I hope to see you again next year, maybe even in our other schools if I can arrange it.  It was certainly our pleasure having you.

Once again, much success to you. I'm certain success is in your future with your wonderful books and ideas.  I think the icing on that cake is in the words of a student. Yesterday afternoon, one of the teachers told me that a student asked her, "When will the 'Caseyand Bella' movie be out?"  I don't think you can get better than that!

                                                                                                          -Librarian in New Jersey