I am so excited to announce the results of the 2012 Casey and Bella Writing Contest! This is the last year of the writing contest, and I want to personally thank the schools, educators, and parents for all your support. I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate all the young authors who took the time to write and submit a story. It takes courage, dedication, and creativity to write stories, and you should feel very proud of your accomplishment!

I apologize for posting the results a few days late, and I want to thank you all for your patience. This year I received over 2000 creative engaging stories! If your story title is not listed below, then you should have received an e-mail from me to congratulate you on Honorable Mention. If you did not receive this e-mail and your story is not listed on the Contest Page, please contact me at CaseyandBella@gmail.com to ensure I received your entry.

Also Congratulations if your story was selected as Top 1o or Top 25! I will contact your schools this week, and you will receive a special Casey and Bella Certificate presented at your school. I would also like to recognize all students who entered the contest by awarding you this special printable Casey and Bella Author Certificate below!   


Grand Prize Winner

Casey and Bella-Rumors on the Bus

By: Grace of Hyman Fine Elementary School Attleboro, MA

Grace received a 500.00 Cash prize, certificate, paw print signed set of Casey and Bella books which were all presented to her at school by Jane, Casey & Bella!

The Casey and Bella series is excited to launch the following new Free Resources for Schools!

  • Free Anti-Bully Positive Behavior Curriculum for Pre-K-5 aligned with Common Core Standards, Click to Download the pdf.
  • Free Casey and Bella Anti-Bully DVD for Elementary and Middle School aged children. Click Watch Bullying DVD. 
  • Free E-Book version of Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully.  
  • Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully is winner of the 2011 Casey and Bella Writing Contest, by 4th grader Anna Stover of New Hampshire.  

    The Casey and Bella Anti-Bullying Positive Behavior Curriculum is a free resource for schools. These practical, teacher-friendly activities aligned to the Common Core Standards provide lessons and resources for building self esteem, establishing and maintaining classroom and school community, and utilizing practical strategies for dealing with bullying both within and outside school.

    If you or your school would like a Free copy of the Casey and Bella Anti-Bully Curriculum, Click Here to download the pdf or click the picture below. If you have any questions contact: CaseyandBella@gmail.com

    Please click VIDEO to watch a short clip about the free author visits and literacy programs I offer schools.

    Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully, co-authored by 4th grader Anna Stover of New Hampshire available for free on ibooks and Kindle.

Casey and Bella Believe in You, and You Should too!

Take the Casey and Bella Pledge to Stop Bullying and Be Nice to One Another!